Every leader can get even better. Maybe you need to focus on getting re-motivated as a leader. Maybe you want more accountability, or a sounding board for all the ideas you have. Every leader needs someone they can be absolutely honest with, whom they can tell what they dream about, or fear the most and have know that the conversations are completely confidential. Every leader needs someone they can trust to push them further than they ever dreamed they could go. We’ll get you from here to there, by working with you to craft a roadmap that is exciting to follow.

Everything we do focuses on helping CEOs become the best possible leaders they can be.  We do this by ensuring they have their health, a roadmap, challenging goals and an end game. We provide the template, the guidance and the support to help them take their company to maximum success, however they choose to define it.
Janet Carlson


With 24 years of experience as a CEO, Janet Carlson realized she was a natural coach.  She frequently interacts with the CEOs of companies in her work as CEO of the One Eleven Group and often found herself coaching them.  After formalizing her coaching skills with International Coaching Foundation approved certification, she launched The Whole CEO as a CEO coaching and Executive coaching business, as a division of the One Eleven Group.