Why the WHY?

A few years ago, I saw Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk on “The Golden Circle” (click here to watch it).  The whole point of his talk was that most companies can verbalize their What, what they do, what they sell, etc., most could address How they do what they do, but very few could speak to WHY they do what they do and why we should care.  Herein lies the difference in how you respond to a company and its products/services…they WHY goes to a deeper level, the gut level and the level of connection you feel is very different.  Apple is one of the best examples of a company that really gets the WHY.  The WHY speaks to the limbic brain, the part of the brain that controls feelings…it’s here that the “gut feeling” that something is right (or wrong) come from.


I read Simon’s book “Start With Why” (click here to buy it) at least a million times and it is dog eared because I refer back to it ALL the time.  I wrote our WHY for the One Eleven Group – it is on the home page of our website (click here to read it) and we have started with WHY for literally every client we have worked with since.  We had a meeting with a new client yesterday and I explained that we would be starting from the very beginning by defining her WHY, before we did a website, social media or wrote a PR release…that WHY will be baked into everything we do…she got it.  And she even left the meeting saying “I had a gut feeling this would great!”  Why yes, it sure will!!



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