“Where Were You Six Months Ago?”

Since new business development is a very big part of my job, and therefore, part of my daily thinking, I am constantly looking for new business opportunities, particularly in the healthcare arena, since 80% of our work is in healthcare advertising and marketing.  I had stumbled upon a really cool, relatively new healthcare product while on a family vacation in Canada and had thought and thought and thought about calling the CEO of the company,.  Then one day I was at work and I had a list of new business opportunities in front of me, and I added that CEO to my list of folks to call.  We connected almost immediately and one of the first things the CEO said was “where were you 6 months ago…”  Daaaaamn.  That hurt.  And she went on to explain that the company had had one helluva time finding an advertising/marketing agency that wanted to work with them…WTH??  We are hopeful that we will have a chance to work with them anyway on a whole new marketing segment that we brought to their attention..that could greatly expand their market and give them a unique message to boot.

So I am throwing this out to the universe…if you are a company (a start up or a re-start, big or small, healthcare or not) and you are seeking an energetic, can do kind of advertising/marketing agencyCALL US!!  We would be happy to hear from you and happy to help, or if we are not the right guys for you, we can make a referral.   My email is janet.carlson@oneeleven-group.com and my direct dial is 860-672-0043 x111.

And when a great idea comes to me, I now make it a priority to reach out within 24 hours!!  Lesson learned.

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