Walk the Walk

I’ve written business plans…lots of them over 20+ years of business.  When working with new clients, we will frequently ask to see their business plans – some have them, some don’t, some are real dusty.  Soooo, I thought about our business plan…yep, a lot of dust there.  It’s tough to bust out a business plan when running a business, right?  WRONG.  Do a one-page business plan.  Really, a one-pager makes you think about the things you really NEED to focus on and if you have the time and you want to write a 3 – 5 pager, well knock yourself out.


I used the Live Plan free template, it gives you a “lean business plan template,” which is, I suppose, a cool way to say one-pager.  Here is the link: http://ans.com/sample_business_plans.php.

You can fill out the PDF template and print it out, share it with your team – if you get intimidated or stuck, think of a Tweet – try filling out each box with 42 words or less.  I knocked out the first draft, then went back and typed into the template.


Look, we all need a road map…if you don’t know where you want to go, how will you know when you get there?

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