The Popular Girl & Online Reputation Management (ORM)

I had lunch today with my dear friend, Zoe Dunn of Hale Advisors.  We talked about work, family, entrepreneurial stuff.  We talked about how business is going and what we are focusing on at work.  I love talking to other entrepreneurs about the stuff I am thinking because they:

a) tell you how it really is and if it is worthwhile

b) they help you think it through, so it is an even better idea

We have been doing reputation management for our clients for a few years and I am always shocked by how UNAWARE clients are of their own brand’s online reputation.  Most companies have a list of social media stuff they want to do, but they don’t seem to really listen to what people are saying about them “out there”.  So they set up a place to communicate, but they aren’t hearing what people are saying.  Some clients had not even taken ownership of their online presence, much less their online reputation!  Zoe asked me to explain this concept further and I said, “it’s like you are the popular girl, except you have toilet paper hanging off you and everyone is talking about it, but you have no idea what is going on“…you can see that clearly in your head, right??

So, is that your brand?  Is everyone talking about you and you are unaware?  Yeah, don’t be that girl.  Give us a shout – not only will we get the TP off your shoe, we’ll let you know what people are saying and craft a plan to not only claim but deal with your online reputation in a positive and brand beneficial way.

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