The Difference With a 360º Agency

I had an epiphany the other day.  We were re-pitching a client that we have had for 14 years – this is the 5th administration we have been through and the 5th time we have had to re-pitch the business.  When I was thinking through how to highlight how we are different than the other agencies out there, I went back to how we sold them the first time:  we have worked in their business, done the work on their side – we GET what they do because we have personally DONE it.  In this case, it was one of the largest senior living companies in NYC – and in our past, people in the One Eleven Group took care of seniors in senior living and hospital settings…treating wounds, administering medications, doing procedures.


When you have an Agency who has been on the inside, their viewpoint on your business is truly 360º, while most agencies at best can boast of a 180º view, but it is from the outside, looking in.  We have used this approach with two other potential clients in the last week and clearly, it is resonating…because it looks like we will not only retain our existing client for the 5th time, the other clients are looking to come on board as well.


Good, solid, engaging creative work, fresh ideas about how to engage your customer, backed by having real-world, hands-on experience with your customers – that is what makes the One Eleven Group a 360º agency and that, my friends, is what separates us from every other agency out there…and for those reasons, you should be working with US!

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