Summer Brings More Clients!

We have been refocusing our efforts on our healthcare business, which has been blossoming as a result. Currently, our work is 85% in the healthcare arena and most of it is in the NW Corner of Connecticut, so we are helping grow healthcare businesses in our backyard…good for us, good for our local economy!

Our new healthcare clients include:
Geer Village (Senior Living) – Agency of Record
Regional Healthcare Associates (physican practice groups) – WHY,Website and Advertising Campaign, social media, PR
NW Hills Pediatrics – WHY, logo, website, ad campaign, social media, PR

And work is all about balance, so other 15% of work is a mish-mash of fun new clients:
So Delicious Bakery – WHY,logo, branding, in-house design, signage, packaging and social media
Tom Goldenberg (artist) – WHY, branding, website, social media, PR

Our clients always start with the WHY: Why they do what they do and WHY we should care and buy their products/services. It is crucial for us as an agency to help our clients define their WHY, since it is the reason people BUY – it’s not because of what you do, or how you do it. Companies that can clearly describe their WHY are the winners. It’s why we do what we do.

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