New Ways of Marketing Physicians

A shift is happening…we are going from treating illness to avoiding it in the first place.

As we speak, we are working with three different physician practices on their marketing. We revamped their WHY – their purpose for being, along with their logos, re-named their practice and are creating their websites, while launching print ads and their social media presence.

What we found fascinating is that they really know who they are, what they offer that is different and who they want to attract to their practice. The common thread was that they are all thinking holistically – from the pediatric practice, to a family practice and a practice focused on the senior population – they are looking at the whole patient and their overall health, with a focus on happy, healthful longevity. All of the physicians talked about ongoing wellness, not just the treatment of illness and the prescribing of medications. This makes for a very welcome shift in healthcare – rather than presumably “fixing” illness, we are aiming to avoid it in the first place.

Stay tuned…we’ll be launching their sites soon!

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