New CEO Coaching Service!

Today, we launched our new CEO/Executive Coaching service, called “The Whole CEO”!  We have had the good fortune to work with many amazing CEOs and Executives over the years, and it ‘s so true, it can be very lonely at the top.  I was a member of YEO (Young Entrepreneurs Organization) when both the One Eleven Group (then known as 111 Interactive) and I were youngsters.  It was in YEO that I learned the crucial need for CEOs to have a support system and a few people with whom I could be brutally honest.  I hired my first CEO coach in NYC around 2001, not long after 9/11, when I didn’t know what the hell to do in business, personally or anything else.


My first coach worked with me for about 6 years, then he made the choice to stop coaching and started a new company, so I found a new coach, and I found our weekly sessions to be absolutely invaluable.  I made the decision to do the CEO/Executive coach training when I realized I was coaching our current clients anyway.  I figured I may as well get some formal training, so the coaching would be more complete…and we decided to offer coaching as a service under the One Eleven Group umbrella.


So, if you or someone you know is looking for a CEO/Executive coach, give me a shout at 860-672-0043 x111 or drop me an email at and we can see if there is a good fit.  I’m very excited about this new offering – I’ll be blogging about it in the upcoming months!

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