“It’s the Spice in Our Soup”

There is a well-known healthcare company that we have been trying to work with for a while.  The CEO is a terrific person and the company has a great reputation, both by word of mouth and via their online reputation (which they very obviously maintain carefully…unusual in the healthcare sector!)  We were asked for a proposal and I was invited to meet with the senior leadership and take a tour of the facility this past week.

Well, it was quite an experience, let me tell you.  I was greeted at the front desk by name and offered a cold bottle of water and directions to the ladies’ room and asked if there was anything else they could do to make me comfortable, prior to calling to let management know I had arrived for my meeting.  I took a seat and enjoyed my nice, cold water and the folks I was to meet with came and got me themselves, greeted me and asked if I needed anything prior to our meeting.  Again, they were tending to my comfort and making me feel welcomed…I was blown away, truly.  Of course, I had to compliment my hosts on this amazing treatment and they smiled and said that “their attention to detail in hospitality is ‘the spice in their soup'”.  Damn, I just LOVE that…” the spice in their soup.”  It’s brilliant.

Of course, I am determined to land them as a client, I love their philosophy, their openness, and that facility is off-the-charts beautiful and zen.  They also talked about hiring people who embody the DNA of the company philosophies – again, I thought that was impressive.  They want the right people, with the right attitudes, with the curiosity to keep learning and the ability to bring more of that secret spice to the soup.  I spent nearly 2 hours there and walked out thinking how important this is to every business – to differentiate your business from your competitors, but do it first by making people feel comfortable, then wowing them with the attention to every detail.  This experience made me want to do better, as a company leader.

Bravo…and I hope to be contributing my own spice in the very near future!

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