Yet Another New Website!

I wonder how many times we have “blown up” our website and crafted a brand new one? In 22 years, we seem to do a new site every 3 or so years, so that means we have likely done this process at least 7.3 times. Each time, I get excited about the new look and spend time fussing with the copy, because I want it to truly reflect who we are and maybe more importantly, where we are headed.

Our focus as an agency has been heavily in the healthcare arena and that is going to stay our focus. Communicating to healthcare professionals and consumers has been our sweet spot and we are adding to our robust roster of Agency of Record clients – in fact, we are Agency of Record for 75% of our clients, 80% of whom are in the healthcare arena. More recently, we have been expanding into human and animal nutraceuticals – an area of huge growth and an exciting place to be, since more and more Baby Boomer and Gen X folks are searching for alternative paths to good health.

So, take a look at what we have been doing – we will keep updating the site with fresh work, hot off the press.

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