Going Rogue



The best projects, from my perspective, are done by a small team with a sharp focus on exactly what needs to be done.  The team has agreed on the “end game” and they each have their assignments, which leads to the completion of the project on a timely basis, with everyone pulling equal amounts of weight to make it happen.


And then there are the other projects.  The projects where no one is really in charge, too many are in charge, or the end game is unclear or not defined at all.  Or the projects where you have to get 20 people to all agree to do it…then God help all of you.


Once in a while, you just have to “go rogue”.  Grab control of the project, most of the time, the client will be ok with that, especially if you have already gained their trust.  Define the end game, get buy-in, assemble a small team and just go.  Sometimes, going rogue is the only way something is going to happen, and once you have momentum, people usually will get on board.  Or you get fired.  But hey, if you are standing around, hoping something happens is most likely going to get you canned anyway, so once in a while, close your eyes and jump…it’s good for you and you will actually accomplish something.

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