Festive, Slightly Raunchy Holiday Copywriting

It’s probably never a good idea to ask the head of Copy to write headers for a craft cocktail mixer at 3:00 pm on a Friday, because these are some examples what you are going to get:

  • Dealing with family over the holiday?  Trust us, you need GUS.
  • A lovely drink makes family time tolerable.
  • You never needed a holiday cocktail more than right now.
  • A spirited drink to bring the cheer into the holidays.
  • Sweet Baby Jesus, you need a drink.
  • Santa’s got to deal with chimneys, all you have to deal with is family.
  • GUS, here to help you through the holidays.
  • Holiday Cheer, right here in your delicious cocktail!
  • It’s a glass of Holiday cheer.
  • Your mother-in-law hates you anyway, so drink up!

Fortunately, our client at GUS has a great sense of humor and a very edgy, fun approach to marketing, so you may actually see one of these make it to the light of day….you can say you saw it here first.  Just a bit of amusement for your Friday.  You’re welcome.


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