Coffee is for Closers



The scene with Alec Baldwin always goes through my mind as we sign new clients.  Maybe I’m competitive…yeah, that is probably a wild understatement.  We have been signing a lot of work for current clients, which is always a great thing, but we’ve been landing more clients, and many in the healthcare arena, like Mountainside Treatment Center and Torrington Awareness and Prevention Partnership, both of which are doing crucial work in addiction services.  We’ve also been delighted to sign the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation, a foundation providing millions of dollars of grants supporting 20 towns in Connecticut and are truly making a difference!

We just finished more work for the Northwest Hills Council of Governments, revamping a logo for the relaunch of “Discover Litchfield Hills, ” revamping the NW ConneCT website, after having created educational materials for them and of course, we have been working heavily on reputation management for all of our clients.  We are in the middle of revamping the New Jewish Home’s website…for the 5th time!  Of course, they have been a client for 15 years, so I guess it was time!

We are always looking for more great clients, so give us a shout or drop me an email at

I’m going to go enjoy my cup of coffee now…

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