An Epiphany Whilst Painting (Badly)

Over the holiday, I actually had time to notice things in my house.  Like places where paint had faded or needed touch-ups.  Now there are a LOT of things you can say about me, but I am a “get ‘er done” kind of girl and I lack patience…neither of these qualities bodes well when one is attempting to paint.  And I found out how profound the impact could be when I “touched up” a large wall area with the wrong color of paint.  In my defense, it was only slightly wrong, but clearly wrong nonetheless.  This situation obviously begs the question:  why the **** do we have 4 various shades of blue in our house, which are only KIND OF different??  And why did I think it wise to forgo prepping with painting tape, instead “winging it” which led to paint on the moldings AND the ceiling.  Geezus.  Don’t sweat, I’ll get to the moral of the story, be patient, please.

So, as I am repairing the damage I have done, I experienced an epiphany.  Stick to what you are good at, hire other people (i.e., patient, meticulous, painter kind of people) to do the things you are just not cut out for.  And be willing to pay for their skills, which you do not possess.  I thought about the potential clients I have encountered over the years, who decided to go with the cheaper guy or sometimes someone actually related to them, rather than the expert, for whose skills you will pay more, but you also GET more!!  Yeah, your “in house” guy can’t do everything either and he/she will likely be relieved when the expert is brought in to help.

So my painting looks ok…I got exactly what I paid for.  And next time, I’ll stick to my day job and hire the right guy to do the job right.  Lesson learned.  And you’re welcome.

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